Read what the participants of our Body Centred Leadership workshops say about their experience:

‘On Wednesday 25th April, thirty women across RBS attended the evening workshop facilitated by Beth Follini. The session focused on recognising and adapting our individual reactive pattern when dealing with conflicting or negative conversations

The engaging and highly interactive session began by focusing on self reflection as attendees were asked how they felt in a conflicting conversation.  It became obvious that participants experienced the same subconscious mental and physical feelings such as an increased heart rate and anxiety, often because we absorbed negative information and took the criticism personally.

To control our emotive behaviour, Beth explained the fundamental Leadership Embodiment Technique which involves conscientiously centering ourselves and creating an imaginary bubble; this allows us to take a step backed approach and detaches us from a situation.  Such simple but effective steps enable us go gain control, think logically and withstand high amounts of pressure.

The highly interactive session involved role play in partners, testing the theory and in practice many participants felt once they adopted the Leadership Embodiment Technique they were in control of their reactions.  We even tested the physical effects of centering ourselves and felt more balanced.

In this fast paced and high pressured financial industry where conflicting conversations can frequently occur, attendees said they felt empowered by the techniques learnt and would be able to handle a conflicting conversation in a more calm and confident manner in the future.  A skill we would all agree can only reap benefits.  I highly recommend Beth’s workshops for all organisations. ~ Anastasia Petrova, Focused Women Network PD Manager,  RBS, London

“Beth and Gosia demonstrated the principles of Body Centred Leadership in a down-to-earth, practical way, teaching simple yet profound tools how to feel more powerful, more aligned and listen to others without taking things personally. This training increased my awareness of the power of connecting the mind and body. Beth and Gosia tought us, in a playful way, how to recognize our reactive patterns when exposed to stressful situations, and how to recover to more powerful, centred state, in order to act more effectively.  I realized how important it is to be an actor of the moment, not only participating in the moment. And how body posture can influence the way we think and speak. Thank you so much for this valuable training!”

Houria Belabed, Sittard, The Netherlands

“Beth and Gosia are a great team ~ combining body and heart intelligence.” ~ Ursula (Germany)

“This workshop helped me to deepen my understanding.  I enjoyed the possiblity to see my reactions, my patterns and to explore the possibilities to adapt other reactions to stressful situations, as in a mini-lab.” – Anna  (Switzerland)

“Gosia and Beth as trainers are very relaxed and open.  They way they explain the theory and exercises is excellent and it speaks to me on a deeper level.” Feliz (The Netherlands)

“This was my first time at a workshop focussing on the development of myself and I liked it very much!” Frauke (Switzerland)

“An uplifting experience, delivered by highly skilled facilitators. Provides a practical methodology to centre and relieve pressure and stress”. Charles (UK)

“This was an excellent way to develop team leadership and for showing the need to have compassion in self and others” Louise (UK)

“This was good for team leadership and accepting the need for compassion in self and others helps with self-confidence & tolerance”

“A wonderful tool to be a more confident relaxed person who feels supported to tackle problems!”

“I very much enjoyed today. We rarely (never!) get the chance to take part in work/life balance work – let alone this kind of holistic viewpoint. It resonates well with my own viewpoints and I am grateful to have been part of it.”


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