“ Leadership is a mind-body-spirit discipline calling us to create conditions that allow others to contribute effectively and whole-heatedly. From childhood to old age, leadership is a function that touches all of our lives, offering endless opportunities to refine our capacity to lead and be led.”

~ Wendy Palmer, founder of Conscious Embodiment

Body Centred Leadership Basic (BCL) is a set of tools and practices designed to help your employees to become better leaders, increase productivity and performance, improve communication skills and enhance the quality of relationships. Based on principles of martial arts and mindfulness, this program is designed to enable your business and staff to achieve a higher level of performance. You would be interested in us delivering BLC programmes because you:

  • Searching for a unique, powerful and impactful team building experience
  • Wanting an embodied leadership experience that will powerfully impact on your staff
  • Looking for solutions to conflict and poor communication within teams
  • Desiring senior managers to have more leadership presence and confidence
  • Seeking senior staff to gain clarity of vision and ability to communicate this vision throughout the organisation


Body Centred Leadership Basic (BCLB)

BCLP is a half-day programme introduces the basic BCL principles, teaching the fundamental tools for centering under pressure and awareness of non-verbal communication. This programme has been successfully implemented as a part of a larger Leadership Development Programmes.  On this half-day workshop, participants learn:

  • Basic centering techniques
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Knowledge to help them start to implement the tools/practices above

Body Centred Leadership Intermediate (BCLI)

This 1-day program offers tools for increased  leadership presence,  focus and clairty. The participants learn how to:

  • Deal with conflict and different views in their teams in a creative way.
  • Get clarity on their vision for what they want to achieve and how to communicate this.
  • Have more presence as leaders
  • Manage stress and pressure

Body Centred Leadership Advanced (BCLA)

BCLA is a 2-day programme and teaches proficiency in 3 essential Leadership Competencies of an inspirational leader: presence, advocating and listening. Participants taking part in this 2 day programme will gain:

  • Insights into their personal reactive patterns and limiting assumptions
  • The knowledge of how to shift from these reactive patterns into creative, powerful and centred ways to lead
  • Techniques to enable leaders remain calm under pressure
  • The ability  to recover balance and clarity when faced with business/ life dilemmas


We offer BCL training in form of a Team Training and Individual Coaching.

BCL for Teams offers tools to embody a centered, collaborative approach to leadership and communication. The team programs encourage collaboration and create a shared language that builds group creativity. Our coaching services and workshops develop collective values, interconnectedness and inspiration.

BCL Individual Coaching offers a process that is personally tailored to the individual’s challenges. We work with posture, nonverbal communication and clarity of purpose to increase confidence and achieve break through results.

BCL as a part of Leadership Program BCL principles can be effectively integrated in any Leadership Development Programme your company offers for your employees.  Our embodied approach to leadership is unique and can complement your existing leadership development programmes. This way you will equip your employees with additional, practical tools they can use to enhance their leadership & communication skills.

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