NEW: Join me for  a weekly virtual meditation & embodiment session every Wednesday at 8am – Find out more here:Wednesday morning meditation 

At Body Centred Leadership (BCL) we  help organisations to grow leaders, increase  employees productivity and performance, improve communication skills and enhance the quality of relationships across the organization.

What are the benefits of this programme?

As a result of participating in this programme, your organisation will experience the following results:

  • Enhanced leadership skills across the organisation (leadership from every chair)
  • Improved communication across the organisation
  • Increased creativity, productivity, mental clarity and focus among the employees
  • Enhanced employer / employee relationship

What makes BCL unique?

BCL is not yet another leadership programme. We use a specific technique called Leadership Embodiment whose founder Wendy Palmer we trained with.  It is an embodied experience – stretching and challenging participants to overcome the mind/body split within themselves.  It has its roots in martial arts and provides participants with immediate physical feedback, which powerfully shows up reactive patterns of behaviour.  Then we use the physical experience to demonstrate how we can be more creative, more powerful, more embodied as leaders.  We also call upon other coaching skills and techniques including Co-Active Coaching and Polarity Coaching.

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